Our team of in-house professionals unifies the elements of our clients’ financial lives.

Developing Your Plan

Our process begins by discussing your personal goals and concerns, including your time horizon and risk tolerance.  Our coordinated team of financial experts thoroughly evaluates your current situation by analyzing all your assets, comparing your income to expenses, projecting your income tax liabilities, and projecting retirement scenarios, including your company benefits and options.  We make recommendations that assist you in developing a customized financial plan with long, intermediate, and short-term goals that are specific, measurable, and reasonable.  And although an integrated, detailed plan may be most beneficial, we will adapt our service to your special needs.

Implementing Your Plan

The development of your financial plan is only the first step towards achieving your financial goals.  Stevens Foster also assists you in implementing and executing your financial plan over the years.  Because of our established relationships with many major corporations, we have intimate knowledge of executive benefits and incentives.  We help you find the best potential investment opportunities that fit with your portfolio, risk tolerance, and tax status.  We offer asset management without bias toward any financial product or non-proprietary products, including full-service stock and bond trading, mutual funds, and fixed and variable annuities.

Monitoring Your Plan

Your accounts are monitored using a unique data system designed exclusively for Stevens Foster.  You are contacted whenever a factor presents itself that could impact your goals.  Whether the economic environment is favorable or not, you can rest assured your assets are being monitored according to your needs.  Should a situation arise that could impact your plan, your personal account manager will call the appropriate professionals together for an evaluation and notify you if adjustments in your accounts are necessary.

We believe it is important to review your progress at least once a year or more often if life-altering events occur in either your personal or professional life.  Your Stevens Foster team will review your plan so that it stays current with tax legislation, employment benefits, purchasing power, and your changing needs.  And as you near and/or enter retirement, Stevens Foster helps you make decisions concerning investment allocations, distribution of company benefits, and estate and inheritance planning.

We at Stevens Foster understand financial planning to be a continuous process.   That is why we believe in establishing long-term relationship with our clients.  The Stevens Foster team provides all the professional services you need to manage your resources for a lifetime.

Tax Planning

Many effective tax saving strategies are directly linked to your financial goals, so strategic planning is just as appropriate for managing your tax liabilities as it is for managing your investments.  The best way to make certain you are taking full advantage of tax reduction opportunities is to work with a professional who thoroughly understands tax law and your individual tax situation.  We understand the complexities associated with the financial needs and tax requirements for individuals with high net worth.  Tax planning and preparation through Stevens Foster can make financial management in a time of rapidly changing tax legislation more productive and effective.